At Forest Gate Academy we believe that pupil behaviour is a reflection of the prevailing culture in which children are educated, both at home and in school. We follow principles from the national ‘Behaviour Hub’ programme to ensure a strong, positive culture to achieve our vision for pupils.

Defining Good behaviour

Good behaviour at FGA is far more than the absence of poor behaviour.

It is the habituation of ‘The Forest Gate Way’ which are the routines and social norms of the school.

Our pupils value education and they want to be successful. But that alone is not good enough – they need a system to bring about continuous improvements and develop positive habits. We believe that ‘the Forest Gate  Way’ provides that system for them.

If pupils meet our expectations and follow our routines and practices, they will develop the positive habits required to be successful. If pupils successfully adopt our practices and habituate ‘the Forest Gate Way’ the following behaviours would be visible:

Relentless Routines

Routines are an essential part of building a positive behaviour culture in school, we use them to:

  • Communicate the high expectations we have for the learning, behaviour and attitudes of all pupils.
  • Create the conditions to allow all pupils to thrive.
  • Habituate the habits for success.
  • Create predictable and structured environments, leading to better behaviour

Please see the download below for benefits of routines and some examples of routines we use.

Relentless Routines
Shared Language
Rewards & Sanctions
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