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39 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I love Learning about the wars, even though some things are sad and unpleasent.

    I also like learning about Anne Frank even though the film wasn’t nice I still enjoyed it, the concentration camps were really bad and horrible and I was glad when the film was over even though my friends were crying. 🙂

  2. Year 6 is awesome, everything we’re learning we better make this year our best seen as its our last year of primary school !!!

  3. just found out SATS trip and end of year trip both are really cool just got to figure out a way of how to raise money !!! x)

  4. Wow Forest Gate!!!!!! Yesterday a fantastic dance performance! You should challenge Diversity to a dance off! Today year 5 gutair concert blew my mind, X factor here you come! You are all extremely talented and should be mega proud of yourself! Us parents definitely are!! Well done!!

  5. Really going to miss primary school especially Miss Brow, Mrs Wilson , Mr Williamson, Mr Heath and Mrs Williams

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